March 5, 2024


Sustainable Farming will maintain its mission of providing research to help farmers grow more. We partner with reputable companies who will share their knowledge and experience in farming with our global audience. Cooperating farmers and hundreds of test plot partner companies that provide machinery, technology, seed, chemicals and other products or services will also share their years of experience in farming and serving the farming community.

Technology’s increasing role in farming. From equipment to new agrocultural innovations, technology is changing the way farming is done today. Throughout the year, Sustainable Farming will cover topics such as the latest techniques in irrigation, the rise of AI in farming, new agrocultural yields boosters, using benchmarking data to compare prices and performance in the field and the collision between conservation and technology, as a path to maximizing margins across all production systems.

The impact of governments along with all of the decisions at regional levels may change how farmers farm in the years ahead. This year, Sustainable Farming will keep a close eye on trade, biofuels policy, seed and pesticide regulations and the potential impact of possible changes.
Agriculture is an industry of resilience. 2021 brought stress and unprecedented challenges, but the worlds farmers met those difficulties head on. 2022 stands to be a fresh beginning for profits, for sustainability, for technological advancements, and Sustainable Farming will be at the forefront