November 29, 2023

Ghanaian farmers continues to suffer massive market losses amid the current economic hardships, high cost of fuel, high transportation cost, E-levy, import duty and many others, due to the lack of standard farm produce pricing policies to help determine and regulate prices of certain farm produce throughout the year in the country, hence, paving way for companies, middlemen and consumers to determine prices that well suit their wallets to farmers. 

The Pricing Policy which will be determined by a price policy board consisting of board members from all the major farm groups, co-operatives and farm organization will periodically revise and determine changes of produce prices throughout the country using factors such as weight of produce, season, fuel, transportation and production cost. With the policy, farmers will sell farm produce only within the price ranges set by the board throughout the year whether there is rain or no rain etc with a more focus on the weight and not just by common observation or by sight as practice currently.

Farmers believe it’s a high time to take the necessary steps to position agriculture on a more lucrative business scale to attract the unemployed youth to agriculture, advancing international trade opportunities and farm investments, and to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goal. 

Farmers are therefore advising the general public and consumers to take note. 

Let’s educate the general public and farmers by sharing. Farmers needs you. 

Curtesy; Ghana Farmers Association

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