September 27, 2023

The largest vertical farm in Europe is currently being developed in Lithuania. The business has already attracted 6 million euros in investment, and more is expected over the summer.

According to Valentinas Civinskas, CEO of Leafood, the developer of the vertical farm, this technology will allow Lithuanians to enjoy fresh quality produce all year round. At first, the farm will grow various types of lettuce and herbs but is also planning to include berries and vegetables in the future.

Outdoor conditions

When he lived in Denmark, Civinskas said he noticed that supermarkets lack local produce. The same is the case in Lithuania. This prompted him to create a vertical farm in Vilnius. Such a farm is unique because it allows recreating outdoor conditions indoors.

“Because it’s grown indoors, we can control the environment. Our sun is fluorescent lamps. We won’t be using soil, it will be grown in a gelponics way, which is a mixture of hydroponics and gel. 

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